Introducing Veloxsites

Veloxsites™ (pronounced "vell-ox-sites"), solves the problem that service providers have when trying to give their SMB customers an online presence. Our motivation came from the unshakable conviction that many DIY

website tools in market for years have utterly failed to solve the problem SMBs face in getting an online presence. They made it complex, time consuming and costly. We made it fast, easy and simple.

We patented a way for service providers to convert their SMB customer data into profitable, recurring revenue.

Pretty cool huh?

How it works

How it Works

Create customized websites and mobile sites for your SMB customers in under 1 minute.

A Fast site is a Sold site.

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Why we're Different

Why we're Different

Eliminate the biggest sales objections you hear everyday …

Different is better

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Why this matters to you NOW

Why this matters to you Now!

Your SMB customers want an online presence. Your competitors see this same opportunity.

Now what do you do?

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  • White Label

    Designed with our partners in mind. Easily brand the entire Veloxsites solution including the administration panel, the design dashboard the sites and all email correspondence.

  • Web||Mobile

    We're changing the game again. Create an instant mobile site for your SMBs based 100% on their existing website, including all of their content and images. Now that's cool!

  • Customizable

    Our Design Dashboard was built with one objective - it must be SIMPLE. SIMPLE drives adoption and SIMPLE drives revenue!

  • SEO Now

    A Veloxsites responsive site is optimized to ensure meta tags, rich snippets, relational tags, automated robot directive file creation and automated sitemap file creation are being included with every published site. Don't worry, we've got your back.

  • Responsive Designs

    When you build a website with Veloxsites it is instantly available in a responsive format for any type of device; tablet, phablet, phone. Mobile and Web was never this EASY!

  • Social Media Now

    The Veloxsites platform comes pre-built with LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE buttons so you can connect all social networks today - just another way you can help your SMB get door swings and phone rings.

  • Color Magic

    A great new feature that automatically selects multiple color palette options based on your main site image or your logo. Design made simple.

  • 2-Way API

    Our API seamlessly maps all your customer data to the Veloxsites platform. Now when you update your customer records that new information automatically updates your sites. Oh, and it works the other way too!

  • 24 Million Photos... and counting

    We've integrated the world-class Fotolia service with our industry-leading platform. SIMPLE … you bet!

  • Mass Publish

    Instantly publish ready-to-use web and mobile sites and watch your customer adoption rate soar to 2X even 5X the industry average. Your customers don't want to think about all the work involved in getting online. They just want it done.

  • Patented

    Veloxsites was awarded a patent for its Automatic Website Generator in 2012. Like they say - it ain't bragging if it's true.

  • Website Tracking Panel

    Resellers can easily track SMB websites to manage, publish, change and cancel website service. This is also the CRM tool used to create new campaigns and to develop customized reporting.

  • Multi-language Support

    Developed using UTF-8, Resellers can support expansion to international markets with Veloxsites multilingual capability.

  • SaaS

    The Veloxsites solution is delivered in a SaaS model eliminating the operational burden for your IT staff and lowering your operating costs. Virtually eliminate your support costs compared to other hi-touch, expensive solutions.

  • User Experience

    Our development team is passionate about making your experience as friendly as possible. The Design Dashboard includes mouse-over instruction boxes with SMB best practices presented on each page. And in case you forget what you've done - we've included an on-screen guide that tracks your edits. Like we said - SIMPLE.

  • SMB Focused Designs

    We have extensively researched the top SMB verticals and their website needs. Our designs meet the needs of these industries with minimal effort required on the part of your SMB customer. Ya - we may actually have thought of everything.

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