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EVO Case Study: How a Payment Processor Increased Customer Adoption Rates by 3X the Industry Average
  •   Discover how EVO is revolutionizing the payment processing industry
  •   Learn why automation can build stronger relationships
  •   Find out what digital solutions SMBs crave

It’s one thing to have SMB customers, but another to truly understand their needs, especially when it comes to digital services. Even if you understand what SMBs want, when and how do you give it to them? In this case study, learn how leading payment processor, EVO, achieved strong conversion rates and increased their average close rate, to three times higher than the industry average.

Case Study: Leading Online Directory
  •   See how achieved 40% SMB Adoption
  •   Learn how knocked it out of the park!
  •   Guaranteed to improve your adoption rates by 100%

Learn the 3 ways you can achieve breakthrough adoption from your SMBs using the Veloxsites™ white label site builder platform. Learn how Canada's leading online directory used the Veloxsites™ white label site builder platform to achieve 40% adoption from its SMB customers. Improve stickiness, reduce churn, increase revenue per customer and create a new recurring revenue stream.


  • Create a profitable revenue stream based on digital services
  • Reduce churn with your SMBs
  • Acquire new SMBs instantly