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July 15th, 2013

Site Technologies Inc. Granted Patent for Automatic Site Generator Company commercializing invention as


Site Technologies Inc. ("STI") today announced that The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted inventors Oles Tymoshenko and Stephen Curry Patent No. 8,335,799 B2 for an Automatic Website Generator. The patent originally filed August 16, 2006 will be effective for over 20 years.

Tymoshenko and Curry, co-founders of 411 Local Search Corp. and STI, saw that small businesses around the world needed a faster, easier way to get a website and mobile site. Steve Curry says, "Do-it-yourself website creators used by service providers, telecoms, directories, and digital media companies are simply too difficult for small businesses to use and too inefficient for service providers. We saw an opportunity to solve these problems by converting mass customer data into high-quality, instant websites for small businesses."

STI was established to commercialize the automatic site generator under the service brand, Veloxsites™. Paul D. Engels, CEO of the company comments, "Our mandate is to help service providers give their business customers an instant, effective website that works on any computer or mobile device. With Veloxsites™, getting a business customer on-board is fast, easy and extremely cost-effective for both the business user and the service provider. Large service providers we’ve interviewed have admitted that they are stuck at 5% adoption rate in the number of their small business customers that have purchased a website. Veloxsites™ is able to double that rate."

STI is currently launching Veloxsites™ Version 4.0. of their automated website and mobility site creation application. The new version uses the patented technology to generate an instantly publishable website from a customer information database. Engels adds, "There is power in the simplicity of this patented process. Any small business can enter a basic identifier such as their business phone number or company name into our application. From this simple user request, the Veloxsites™ engine generates a ready-to-use, responsive website with an industry-specific layout, style and content from the source database. End users can avoid the complex, myriad design steps forced on them by most "drag & drop" tools that frustrate them and reduce adoption."


Paul Engels | CEO
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